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The Singapore Malayalee Hindu Samajam (SMHS) was founded in March 1926 by a group of enthusiastic Malayalees headed by Mr. MK Chathukutty with the sole aim of keeping the destitute Malayalees in Singapore and give them a decent burial in the event of death. From available records it is noted that the then President Mr. Chathukutty was nominated to be a permanent Chairman for many years. The committee was doing such a good job, that the membership soared to 280 in the late 20′s. They had recruited members from the workforce of PWD, Singapore Harbour Board and even the coolies here and a good number of estate laborers hailing from Kota Tinggi and surroundings of Malacca. All these have tempted the then Singapore government to give a piece of land and the committee put up a temporary building. They took an active part in helping the needy Malayalees and was in the forefront in doing social service to the destitute. Thanks to the efforts of the Samajam, the destitutes among the coolies and estate laborers were given a decent burial according to the Hindu rites. The Samajam building had a hall where annual meetings were held. Besides the hall was also used for practicing drama rehearsals, marriages etc by the Indian Community, delegates from various Indian organization met here to form Joint Consultative bodies, to bring unity among the Indians leaving here to collect funds to help victims of disasters in North and South India at the request of the then Viceroy.


To provide Hindu Religious knowledge through conducting classes, to arrange celebrations of Hindu festivals and to give assistance in the carrying out of Hindu functions and rituals in general and those of relevance to Malayalees in particular.

SMHS also involved in many social and cultural, and promote inter-racial harmony and to promote consciousness and undivided loyalty to the republic of Singapore catalunyafarm.com.


Late.Mr. Chathukutty 
Singapore Malayalee Hindu Samajam